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Posted by on Jul 18, 2013 in Bespoke Packaging and Boxes, Blog | 0 comments



Commercial packaging and printing


In our last article we talked about the current cupcake revolution taking the country by storm and how at Beacon Print  are riding the crest of this trend by providing the high quality packaging that these tasty treats deserve.

In today’s blog we are going to be talking about something more mundane in the form of the packaging itself. At Beacon Print commercial packaging and printing are our specialities. In this piece we hope to show you a few of the ways in which our company combines the highest quality with innovation and variety to ensure that our customers receive the great quality products they so richly deserve.


With the packaging skills and print knowledge at Beacon Print, we offer packaging solutions using materials to suit your product including the latest  re-cycled materials. Once artwork and  concept has been agreed we will make hand made samples for final approval and fine tuning. Our combined assets ensure that whatever the need and whatever your idea we can make it a reality


With digital mediums increasingly replacing traditional paper, the printing industry is currently facing a climate of change. In order to meet these challenges head on Beacon Print is diversifying to apply our high quality products to new mediums and nowhere is this more apparent than in our range of labels

From food to chemicals self adhesive labels are needed to display or give information on products. Beacon Print produce labels in flat sheet or on reels.       We can advise on suitability of face materials and adhesives ranging from paper to plastics . There is a wide range of adhesives available designed for the location or environment where the product will be stored or used such as freezers or used in extreme weather conditions of heat, cold or even underwater.


Continuing with the theme of versatility and adaptation we are pleased to inform you that our packaging sleeves are maintaining the trend of helping your packaging to reach its full potential. Beyond its practical applications a packaging sleeve is a simple and cost effective  way to showcase your company/products logo and artwork.  Sleeves are a great tool for creating brand identification and if done right will ensure that your customers associate your brand with the highest quality and style.


While some of our competitors may restrict packaging orders due to limitations such as size or number we believe that these concerns should not get in the way of delivering excellent customer service. At Beacon print whatever your need and whatever your purpose we have a box for you. Our versatility extends to all facets of the production with materials ranging from cardboard to foam as well as having the capacity to add a huge variety of additions ranging from packaging windows to fittings or hinges. As we like to say in all our tasks, whatever the design, whatever the need Beacon Print can deliver what you need.


As we mentioned in our previous cupcake blog as part of the packaging process we offer our customers high quality samples of their design allowing them to appreciate it in the flesh. We offer this service for all our products as we believe that it boasts several advantages. Firstly it allows a customer to see their product before it enters the final stages of creation. This allows them to tweak their design to their exact specifications allowing for a naturally evolving process that sees an ideal become a reality. It also allows a customer to experience their design on a visual level that may not have been otherwise possible.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this blog and now understand a little more about the many ways in which Beacon Print can help you with your packaging and printing needs. Quality, versatility and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our company so if you have any jobs you think we can help you with please get in touch today.


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