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Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in Blog, Technical information | 0 comments

How to order Self adhesive labels on reel

When ordering self adhesive labels on- reel the printer will require certain information to ensure the he gets it right first time.  Here is some basic information and some tips that we hope will help you when ordering

Apart from the artwork, there are five elements of a label worth noting when ordering labels on reel

1. Print technique (colours, foil, emboss)
2. Face material or sometimes referred to as substrate
3. Label finish/coating
4. Adhesive
5. Reel winding and reel specification

1. Print techniques

Labels on-reel are mainly printed using flexographic process (flexible soft printing plates) or letterpress process (hard ridged printing plates) either process will produce high quality results.

All label printers use the Pantone colour matching system (see “technical” for further details)

Ink colours can be up to eight colours if needed and all presses are capable to print in four colour process colours.

2. Face material

There is a wide range of face materials to chose from to suit the product and environment they will be used in.

These are gloss or matt papers, polypropylene (clear or white), board and other specialist materials such as block out and thermal papers.

3.Label finishes

In-line finishes include foiling using a  range of foil colours, embossing and spot or solid UV varnishing. Varnishes can be matt or gloss. Overprintable sealer coating is used when using a date stamp or best before printer.

4. Adhesives

There is a range of adhesive available to cater for most applications, the easiest way to decide on what adhesive to use is to specify what the label is to be adhered to and what is the environment that it will be placed in. The label printer will supply you with a sample for you to trial and can supply you with a specification sheet.

Some of the standard adhesives used are:

Standard Permanent
Soft peel
Freezer permanent
Extreme temperature and water immersion

5. Reel winding

This is the direction of the labels coming off the reel.

The main reason that the printer needs to know the direction is that the labels may be mechanically applied to the product via a label applicator.

Here is a guide to use when ordering  showing the orientation of the label


Hand applied labels – if the label is to be hand applied the printer will set the job up to print in the most economical way.

Reel specification

The printer will like to know the maximum reel size that will fit the applicator or over printer and the inside core size. There are standard core sizes used in the industry which are 25mm, 38mm, 44mm and 76mm but there is a wide range of other sizes available.

We hope this brief overview will help you when placing orders for self adhesive labels on reel, should you need any further information please email or call us on 01983524456.



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